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We’ll lay the foundation for an unforgettable count down of events celebrating America’s Semiquincentennial in 2026.

The Remnant Trust and Sagamore Institute, kickoff event on December 12, 2023, paid homage to the historic Boston tea party of 1773 through a series of captivating programming and events,

Video features, Daniel T. Miller, PhD, Historical Solutions LLC, Discusses the upcoming celebration of America’s Semiquincentennial!

Discover the ever-growing initiative of! Stay informed with the Latest Updates, News, captivating Videos, and informative Downloads.

Join us on our mission to spread the word and be a part of something extraordinary.


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Curt Smith: How Indiana is preparing to mark major milestone


"Celebrating The Declaration Of Independence Key Lessons For 2026 From The Big Four In 1826, 1876,1926, And 1976" by Daniel T. Miller, Phd

The major four celebrations of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence had a clear imprint. The 50th anniversary in 1826 was about the people from the Revolutionary era, some still living. The 100th anniversary in 1876 elevated Philadelphia as a place for celebrating independence and progress. The 150th anniversary in 1926 was a re-place, taking the celebration back to Philadelphia and with a national-global theme. 1976’s 200th anniversary of the Declaration was a reverse to an emphasis on people, involving and including men, women, and children of daily life from all aspects of the American nation.

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